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New project: Mural painted for the Baltimore Zoo for their ZooBoo
held, every October 29-31.
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Click below to see Anna's article
in the March 18, 2010 Crossroads section of the Wilmington
News Journal (pdf)



Anna P. Rushton was born in 1970 in London, England.  After high school, instead of attending a traditional college, she found "World University" much more appealing, and decided to travel.  From this, she probably learned more than books could ever teach.  To express herself, she began painting.  As a self-taught artist, she found her work growing with each piece she did.  Capturing the "true soul" of her work, whether it be in the eyes of a dog, the expression of a person, or the scenery itself is her forte.

Upon returning to London, the Tate Gallery became her retreat - engrossed by a wide variety of artists.  Reynolds clarity and use of light, Monets tranquility and Gaugains brash, expressive use of color have influenced her work today.

For a sampling of Anna's work, click the links above.  A few select paintings may occasionally be listed for sale in the link above also.  Be sure and check out the "New Projects" page to see her new art direction!

If you would like to contact Anna about a custom painting, please email her or call 410-499-3194.



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